System Spec's & Options


All systems are custom built to your specific needs, so there are no standard configurations.

All systems will included one of the following:

4 Port DVR Capture Card   (Systems will support up to 4 cameras)

8 Port DVR Capture Card   (Systems will support up to 8 cameras)

16 Port DVR Capture Card (Systems will support up to 16 cameras)

The capture cards come in the following  configurations:  30fps, 60fps, 120fps, 240fps, 480fps (Real Time)   

(fps = Frames Per Second)

The higher the fps, the better the playback.  Most standard systems use 60fps or 120fps.

 Sony (chipset) High Resolution Day/Night Color Camera

500ft. or 1000ft of Siamese CCTV combo RG 6/U Cable  (for camera video & power)

9-port or 18-port  DC 12v or 24v Power Box  (for camera power)


Complete installation and lessons on using your new DVR system.

Full 1 year warranty on parts & labor with free phone support.